The skill to build clean, efficient products is a great weapon to have

I do my best to keep it sharpened

Just a young ronin, trying to make it in life

About Me

It's the small things in life

  • Interests

    I recently discovered my interests in front - end development. I love a well designed UI / UX, and I love it more when I was the one behind it.

  • Music

    Now I will admit I am no musical genius, yet I love listening to /playing music. Currently trying to learn how to play the bass.

  • Gamer

    I like to game occasionally, most people say that this is a waste of time. I disagree, in some cases can teach leadership / team work.

  • To the Future

    Future plans include increasing my knowledge in the web development field. Also I have many projects that I would love to create!


I'm the best at what I do, bub.

  • HTML

    • Fimiliarity with HTML/HTML5 semantics/syantax
    • Knowledge level to hand-code markup
    • Ability to work with videos and images
    • Understanding of the DOM structure
    • Knowledge of best practices
  • CSS

    • Understanding of the CSS box model
    • Ability to create effeicient/concise selectors
    • Knowledge of properties/attributes for changing display of elements
    • Proficient with CSS preprocessors(SASS / LESS)
    • Knowledge on CSS attributes and browser compatibility
  • JavaScript

    • Familiarity of properties/control structures
    • Understanding of the MVC paradigm
    • Ability to implement form/regular expression validation
    • Knowledge on how to handle events
    • Understanding of RESTful APIs / how to handle API calls
  • Created by potrace 1.12, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2015jQuery

    • Knowledge of element properties that can be manipulated
    • Ability to employ the jQuery library for animation, events, and manipulation
    • Understanding of when to empoly the use of JQuery over JavaScript
  • UI/UX

    • Ability to ensure implementations are optimized for cross - browser performance
    • Understanding of the user flow in implementation of code
    • Knowledge of standards required for a web app / page
    • Ability to ensure that implementations are responsive for multi - device optimization
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I have a life, I swear.

  • PinterestHere you will be able to see all of the random things that pique my interest which runs from inventions, to amazing designs that give me inspiration for projects.

  • GithubThough this is not necessarily a social media site I do believe that through the projects that people create, one can also see into the interests of the creator.

  • FlickrCome check out my most recent hobby, photography! I am very new to this, yet I am already enjoying it so much. Check it out!

  • FacebookThis is the godfather of all social media, and a great way to tell what I am planning. I will admit I may be switching this account out for a Twitter which seems to be more popular.

  • LinkedInHere you are able to see all of my professonal aspects of my career including both previous experiences and my current occupational status.

  • InstagramHere you can see what I am up through a more visual story. Normally I show photos from trips I take, or freaking amazing food that I am eating!


What's a dev without something to showoff?

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